Musical Direction/Production

Putting a great band together by hiring fellow musicians and getting them ready for a show, a recording or an extended tour are my favorite aspects of my job. From your original vision to a fully realized show or recording, I take pride in handling the details for you.


Mail-in Bass

I am able to add bass to your project over the internet with a variety of basses and tones, usually with very quick turn around time. Please message me for rates. Let's make music together!


Private Lessons

I am passionate about teaching bass guitar and I have had the honor to teach musicians of varying levels of skill, beginner to pro, there is always something we can work on together. I teach in person in Southern California or over the internet!


Victor on youtube

The YouTube channel where everything from live gigs, to gear reviews and free lessons will happen. Please subscribe for more bass in your life!



The only podcast that features the most high-profile bass players working today!

The podcast is available on iTunes, Google Play, Podbean and most other places where podcasts are found! Hosted by Victor Brodén.